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Hellooooo [31 Dec 2010|11:29pm]
[ mood | informative ]

This is the writing journal of eclectictastes7; it features fan fiction, poetry, and short fiction.

Everything original (as in, everything but the few fanfic pieces) is friends-only; comment here to make sure I add you, if you add me.

The fanfic posted in this journal is, and will be, generally m/m, and of obscure fandoms.

Tags are Here, for quick reference. Not that this journal has much to be waded through; though I am a prolific writer, I do not post here often.

To get a feeling for my more casual writing style, please feel free to visit my personal journal, where I post quite often.


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Colours [14 Jan 2009|05:24pm]
So I've been involved with a very awesome website, Colourlovers, for almost a year now. The basics of it are that you can create colours, or put them together into palettes or patterns. It's hard to explain, so here's a link to my profile if you want to check it out.
Anyway, as well as just using the site for general fun, creative times, I've used the site in two ways that link back to my writing. Firstly, I sometimes make palettes inspired by my own writing. Secondly, I make what are called "poem palettes" - where you put together colours in palettes so that the names of the colours make phrases or poems. I figured I'd post them here, since they're writing related.

ColoursCollapse )
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Fan Fiction [14 Jan 2009|05:03pm]

Fandom: Brothers of the Head
Pairing: Paul Day and Chris Dervish
Warnings: Mentions of drug use.
Notes: This is part of the fairly epic pre-canon a_chimbleysweep and I have created. We have written a ton of stuff about Paul and Chris's relationship, but because I am fail, I've not posted a bit of mine. She's posted hers at wieldyourteacup. There's a lot more out there that we wrote together, but it's not ready to be posted. Need to get on that.

This is a companion piece to her "December 10, 1968".

AbsenceCollapse )
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Haiku Meme [14 Mar 2008|01:37am]
Haikus made Here, extracted from all open entries in this journal.

Brothers of the Head:

looked at his arm
at the different shapes the
different colors

then Paul turned back
he looked so innocent
and so untouched

but his lips were close
in above Barry's ear thank
you the boy meant take

just couldn't do it
couldn't let Baz do that with
his hands on his chest

The Secret Garden:

when Dickon laughed
and teased Colin would get
that grave pursed look

he couldn't mean it
and you keep things from me and
I need your welcome

to know so much as
the time just before the time
just before the time

their shouts frightening
the children who should have been
warmer since you came

struggle before they
found something that assured new
life new beauty new

drink and play music
and get high and then you get
in bed with me and

of scars he looked
up at him when I was the
hollow in his arms
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Fan Fiction [28 Oct 2007|03:02am]

Fandom: Brothers of the Head
Pairing: Paul Day and Barry Howe
Rating: R
Warnings: Mentions of drug use and violence. Some strong language. Homosexuality.
Summary: There are things Paul Day never speaks about; there are things he never shows. Normally, it keeps him happier.
Notes: Post-separation AU.

CoveringCollapse )
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macro. yes, macro. [17 Oct 2007|12:51am]
Title: Surprise
Fandom: Brothers of the Head
Pairing: Barry/Paul
Rating: PG-13 for pure hilarity and silliness
Warnings: This is so not a fic. It is, in fact, a picture. A picture with text. I think you know where this is going.
Summary: This is what happens when thisroyalcity and I start looking at pictures from the movie, apparently.

Surprise!Collapse )
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Fan Fiction [13 Oct 2007|10:01pm]
I am so obsessed with Brothers of the Head, it's ridiculous. I wrote this last night in a fit of creativity after finishing the book, but it is not my only BotH work by far.
I just haven't finished any of the others yet.

More to Tell

Fandom: Brothers of the Head; ideas drawn from both the movie and the book
Pairing: Paul Day and Laura Ashworth and Chris Dervish, in various incarnations.
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Mentions of sex, drug use. Some strong language.
Summary: Paul reflects on his relationship, or lack thereof, with Laura Ashworth. This is meant to be in the format of an interview, maybe one of the ones in the movie. Hence the introductory text (in italics).

It sees like there is more to tell here.Collapse )
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Fan Fiction [15 Jun 2007|02:48am]
50 sentences of Colin/Dickon (of Frances Hodgson Burnett's The Secret Garden) completed for 1sentence, which is a really cool challenge community.

Beauty All The Year 'RoundCollapse )

I really like this pairing, and have written it several times in the past few years, but this is the first thing I've managed to finish for it.

I've also claimed Nicholas/Smike in the community, so hopefully those will be done soon-ish.
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Fan Fiction [19 Aug 2005|01:53pm]
A little bit of fanfic of Dickens' Nicholas Nickleby for ye. Written for my own personal enjoyment, because I love Nickleby very, very much.
The facts: It's slash. It's PG. It's set between chapters 12 and 13, page 149 in my copy of the novel. It's also rather hopelessly... Dickension. Romantic and silly. I can't help it! It's Dickens' fault!

Chapter 12.5, In Which Nicholas Endures Another Cold Night at Dotheboys Hall, and Seals a Friendship.Collapse )
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